Get TIPS Certified

TIPS Certification is a national program that is designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking and drunk driving. It is designed to educate the class in all facets of responsible sale, service and consumption of alcohol. The class will give individuals the knowledge they need to recognize potential alcohol related problems, before they occur. If all of the staff are trained the establishment will get a break on it’s liability insurance and will give the owners/managers peace of mind that the team has the confidence to make sure the environment is safe. We will present a flat-fee to cover the manual and our instruction; there are no additional costs to you.


Bartender Class

In addition to the TIPS Class, we also provide a bartending class where colored water is used (no alcohol used at all); introducing Rocks, Manhattans and Martinis along with Margarita drink formulas. All we ask is that you provide the glassware used at your establishment. We also touch on inventory, customer service and cash procedures during this program.

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We have conducted TIPS Classes throughout the New England region (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut) for over 15 years. Since our inception, we have trained close to 10,000 people in the on-premise and off-premise programs. We are available 7 days a week to come to your business, and would welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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